Bo-bo Ski Watten Totten

clap1Bo-bo ski watten totten,
Eh-eh, eh-eh, boom boom boom
Itty bitty wotten totten
Bo-bo ski watten totten
Bo-bo ski wotten totte – BOOM!
Go Chiefs!

Another Version

Bo-bo ski watten totten
Ah-ah, ah-ah boom boom boom
itty bitty wotten totten
bo bo ski wotten totten
bo bo ski wotten totten
Freeze please American cheese (stop clapping)
Please don’t show your teeth to me
(start over and repeat song hiding different body parts at the end, ie: lips, eyes, etc.)


Bo-bo Ski Watten Totten — 9 Comments

  1. My kid thought me this version

    Bo bo,ci aten Taten nay nay it am boom boom boom,little baby aten Taten bo bo,ci aten Taten ,bo bo ci aten Taten BOOM

    • The version we always sang was:
      Bo Bo Ski Wotten Totten
      Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah Boom Boom
      Itty Bitty Wah-Wah
      Bo Bo Ski Wah-Wah
      Bo Bo Ski Wah-Wah
      Boom Boom Boom Boom
      (then repeat)

  2. I learned this from my school music teacher. At first it was confusing but I got used to the fast tempo and nonsense words.

  3. My aunt taught me this version when I was a kid:

    Bo Bo say otten otten
    Nay nay, my name is Bo Bo
    Inni mini not not
    Bo Bo say ought not
    Bo Bo say ought not – WOO!

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  5. My cousin Judy taught me this clapping game ‘bo bo skee wotten totten eh eh eh eh boom boom boom, itty bitty wotten totten bo bo skee Wotten totten’ in 1963, so it goes back aways. This was on Long Island. That’s all I remember of it
    We were usually laughing too hard to do anything beyond those itty bitty wotten tottens. 50+ years later, sitting in traffic, it popped into my head and now I do it clapping against the steering wheel just for fun whenever I’m stuck in traffic (as long as I’m alone!) funny how the brain works!

  6. I know it as
    Bo bo ski
    Watten tatten
    Ah ah my m boom boom
    Itty bitty Watten Totten
    Bo bo ski Watten Totten(x2)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    And if you hit the last persons hand you win

  7. My mom told me this was done as a crowd cheer in her jr or senior highschool days (1940’s): Bo bo ski watten tottle, ala sssssssss,
    Bo bo ski watten tottle, ala sssssssssss, Eaten beaten watten tottle eaten beaten watten tottle, Bo bo ski watten tottle ala sssssssss. Possibly Miami Fl 195-1947?? anyone else ever hear of this?

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