Had a Little Race Car 1969


Had a little race car 1969 Took it around the coooooo-rner! (continue saying ooo while the jumper in the middle runs out, runs around, and tries to get back into the rope while it is still swinging.) And slammed on the brakes, But the brakes didn’t work! Bumped into a lady, Bumped into a man. Bumped into a police man Man oh man! Police man caught me, Put me in … Read More!



Popcorn, popcorn Pop it once, pop it twice Don’t let it burn Popcorn, popcorn Turn around, touch the ground Freeze! Submitted by, Kivia B. from Mound Bayou, MS Another Version of the Popcorn Chant You put the oil in the pot And you make it real hot You put the popcorn in And begin to grin! Sizzle sizzle, sizzle sizzle, sizzle sizzle, POP! … Read More!

I’m a Little Dutch Girl


(Act out the different things as you’re jumping rope) I’m a little Dutch girl dressed in blue, Here are the things I like to do: Salute to the captain (salute) Bow to the queen (bow) Turn my back on the submarine (turn around and face the other direction) I can do the tap dance (dance) I can do the splits (jump up high with legs apart) I can do the … Read More!

Peel A Banana


Peel a banana upside down see if you can touch the ground B – A – N – A – N – A (The jumper spells banana, one letter for each jump, and tries to touch the ground with each letter without being tripped by the rope. If the jumper trips or messes up the spelling, it’s another jumper’s turn.) Another Version Peel a banana upside down see if you … Read More!