I’m a Little Dutch Girl


(Act out the different things as you’re jumping rope) I’m a little Dutch girl dressed in blue, Here are the things I like to do: Salute to the captain (salute) Bow to the queen (bow) Turn my back on the submarine (turn around and face the other direction) I can do the tap dance (dance) I can do the splits (jump up high with legs apart) I can do the … Read More!

Peel A Banana


Peel a banana upside down see if you can touch the ground B – A – N – A – N – A (The jumper spells banana, one letter for each jump, and tries to touch the ground with each letter without being tripped by the rope. If the jumper trips or messes up the spelling, it’s another jumper’s turn.) Another Version Peel a banana upside down see if you … Read More!

POOF With the Attitude


That’s the way uh huh, uh huh, We like it uh huh, uh huh, Peace, Punch, Captain Crunch Brick Wall, Waterfall Girl, you think you know it all You don’t I do So POOF with the attitude POOF with the attitude Talk to the hand cause the girl not speaking Talk to the hand cause the girl not thinking Elbow Elbow Wrist Wrist Fly like a birdy Kiss Kiss See … Read More!

Down Down Baby


Down, down baby down by the roller coaster sweet, sweet, baby oh, how I love you so shimmy shimmy cocoa pop shimmy shimmy rock shimmy shimmy cocoa pop shimmy shimmy rock I like coffee I like tea I like another boy and he likes me up and down and side to side all around and shake it little ride P. O. P. spells POP! Another Version Down, down baby down … Read More!

Ice Cream Soda Jump Rope Rhyme


Two kids swing the rope and one kid in the middle, when they swing the rope they sing these words for each swing: Ice cream soda, Cherry on the top, Who’s your boyfriend/girlfriend, I forgot! A, B, C, D, E… (carry on the alphabet until the jumper stops jumping and everyone guesses who they chose as their boyfriend/girlfriend, Mickey, for example) The second verse: Is it true, that I saw … Read More!