Bo-bo Ski Watten Totten


Bo-bo ski watten totten, Eh-eh, eh-eh, boom boom boom Itty bitty wotten totten Bo-bo ski watten totten Bo-bo ski wotten totte – BOOM! Go Chiefs! Another Version Bo-bo ski watten totten Ah-ah, ah-ah boom boom boom itty bitty wotten totten bo bo ski wotten totten bo bo ski wotten totten Freeze please American cheese (stop clapping) Please don’t show your teeth to me (start over and repeat song hiding different … Read More!

Punch Buggy Car Game


When you see a Volkswagen beetle or a “punch buggy” car either driving by or parked on the street, you turn to the person nearest to you and punch them on the arm while saying “Punch Buggy Blue!” or whatever the color of the car is that you see. Be warned that you have pointed out the punch buggy to your victim and now, they too, can call out the … Read More!

Gopher Guts and Monkey Meat

gopher guts and monkey meat

Great green gobs of Greasy, grimy, gopher guts. Mutilated monkey meat,     (some say ‘monkey’s feet’) Chopped up baby parakeet, French fried eyeballs rolling down the dirty street, But I forgot my spoon so they gave me HORSE meat. Elephants vomit, milk and snot, Camels toenails mixed with glue! All chopped up, just for you! Eat it (kid’s name)! It’s good for you! Vitamins and minerals too! … Read More!