POOF With the Attitude

That’s the way
uh huh, uh huh,
We like it
uh huh, uh huh,
Peace, Punch,
Captain Crunch
Brick Wall, Waterfall
Girl, you think you know it all
You don’t
I do
So POOF with the attitude
POOF with the attitude
Talk to the hand cause the girl not speaking
Talk to the hand cause the girl not thinking
Elbow Elbow
Wrist Wrist
Fly like a birdy
Kiss Kiss
See my pinkie
See my thumb
See my fist you better run

Another Version

brickwallwaterfallBrick wall, waterfall
Girl you thinks he got it all,
but he don’t
I do
so BOOM with that attitude
peace punch
captain crunch
Wait! Come back.
I think you need a tic-tac,
Not one or two
but the whole six pack.
Sorry to be mean
but you need some Listerine
not a sip, not a swallow,
but the whole dang(damn) bottle.
I got something
You can’t touch
bang bang
choo choo train
Wind me up
I do my thing
no Reese’s Pieces 7-up
mess with me
I’ ll mess you up


POOF With the Attitude — 15 Comments

  1. This is my version!!
    Peace, punch, cap’n Crunch, brick wall, waterfall girl you think you got it all, you don’t I do so boom with the attitude I don’t wanna talk to you, wait, come back I think I had a heartattack, bang, bang, Choo-choo train wind me up I’ll do my thang then we go boom, then we go boom, then I go loser, loser, double loser, take a picture call me later, duh.

  2. See my pinkie see my thumb see ,see my fist you better run . hold up wait , come back , you need a tic tac . not one not two , but the whole six pack . sorry to be mean but you need some listerine. not a sip , not a swallow but the whole darn bottle . peace , ohkayy so i don’t play , skinny or fat now you take that .

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