Gopher Guts and Monkey Meat

gopher guts and monkey meat

Great green gobs of Greasy, grimy, gopher guts. Mutilated monkey meat,     (some say ‘monkey’s feet’) Chopped up baby parakeet, French fried eyeballs rolling down the dirty street, But I forgot my spoon so they gave me HORSE meat. Elephants vomit, milk and snot, Camels toenails mixed with glue! All chopped up, just for you! Eat it (kid’s name)! It’s good for you! Vitamins and minerals too! … Read More!

Sticks, Stones, Rubber and Glue

i'm rubber you're glue

Playing with other kids can be a lot of fun, but sometimes there are mean kids and bullies in the mix. When we were very small, these comebacks were used often in self defense. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me. I’m rubber, you’re glue Whatever you say to me, bounces off of me and sticks to you! … Read More!